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Ramadan Health Guide (E-Book)

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Ramadan Mubarak!

During this blessed month we all improve our Relationship with Allah swt and strive to become better muslims going forward.

However a lot of the Muslim fitness community struggle a lot with balancing their deen with keeping fit and healthy. It's such a difficult thing to balance and whilst Ramadan is the priority, there are ways to still maintain your gains and keep your body moving (and you can even get reward for this too!).

So we've partnered with @unskfit a Level 3 Hijabi Personal Trainer to bring you this Ramadan Health Guide, for FREE!

It's a short, practical guide to help you reach your full potential spiritually, mentally and physically.

Our Goal at Haya has always been to support muslims and show that sticking to your Deen is your superpower and not something that is a hindrance to your progress. There's not a lot of support on this topic so it was only right that we bring this to you free of charge.

BarakAllah Feekum and have a Blessed Ramadan.


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