Pre-Order FAQs

How does the pre-order work?

The way our pre-order works is that you place the order for the items(s) you want as normal. The only difference is that we have not made the products yet and therefore there will be a delay in delivering your items to you. Items will ship in approx. 2 months.

The reason we are doing pre-order's is because it gives us a better idea of how much stock to make and in what sizes etc. It's also because this is self-funded by the founder with very limited resources. By doing a pre-order the community is supporting us to build the products they want and need.

Can I cancel My Pre-order?

Yes, Of course! you can cancel your order anytime. You can also return/exchange it after it has been delivered to you too.

Is this Halal?

Some of our community have rightfully warned us that it can be haram to sell something that you do not own. We asked some knowledgeable Imams and Pre-orders can be halal under something called Bay As-Salam.  Essentially you can do this provided you meet some criteria, in the time of the Prophet PBUH Bay As-Salam was used when people used to "pre-order" next season's harvest and the prophet PBUH allowed this.

More info here:  

Barakallah Feekum for looking out for us and bringing this up <3


Make sure you just enter the final 4 digits of your order number.

e.g. #HA21234YA you would just enter "1234" as your order number.